Determining the best course of action for transporting goods from a determined place, in a determined period of time, can be a real challenge. Not having the proper resources at your disposal can make it an insurmountable undertaking.

Tap into a vast resource of knowledge, expertise and assets by contacting HGI. We have at our disposal a wide range of assets to fulfill your transportation needs. Whether you need an aircraft to transport animals to their new habitats, or maybe you need to move the local philharmonic to its next venue for that important event, HGI will provide a solution using the proven concept of intermodal transportation to achieve your goal.

SEA: Provides a lower cost option when time is not of the essence.
AIR: Provides a more direct and expedient movement of goods. Normally for goods that are time sensitive to destination or where other methods are not available or convenient.
LAND: Provides the flexibility of rail, truck or both to increase effectiveness while providing a lower cost.

HGI strives to provide the most cost effective solutions for our client’s needs, by employing the most reliable and mission capable means of transportation in the market.